Sunday, November 9, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Road South

There is a place out there, that no matter where you are at in life makes you feel completely at home. Maybe we are even blessed to have more than just one special place.
With the first sign of your special place, your mood could change,  memories of adventure, good people, shared meals, and a simple life all start to come back to you. During this moment all your worries seem to be put on hold as you arrive back to your special place. Life is at it’s best.

For me one of those places starts as I cross the border and get in the lane heading south down the 1 towards Rosarito/Ensenada. As I drive along this foreign road a fence divides two countries and I feel like I am on the right road. With the first sign of the ocean, whether she is breathing long powerful swells or in her gentle tranquil state, at this moment is when life starts to make a little sense. From the toll road to the coast highway and turning off on that bumpy dirt road, I am slowly arriving to my little slice of heaven. Life starts to become more simple.

I wake up early to the sound of the ocean. As I step out onto the deck for as far as I can see is a sight so mesmerizing. The Pacific Ocean, right now life revolves around her.
A warm cup of coffee sits by my side as I take in mother natures morning music. The fisherman start their day by patrolling their lobster traps just along the reefs avoiding the breaking waves. Pelicans fly by in perfect unisons. Every now and then one breaks off to go explore the sea, gliding among her swells. I sit still, breathe slowly and welcome another beautiful day in Paradise.

That first splash of the cold water as I paddle out in the surf puts me in a state of bliss. I will share this with others, but also find solitude and peace. I try to become one with her, mimicking the movements of the waves and then I realize how small I am in something so big, beautiful and vast. The ocean is my playground. In these moments everything is lost, except I feel so found. Once again I made it home.

Enjoy the photos of our trip from BC to Baja.
Epic times with amazing people.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Summer Time British Colombia

Summertime BC

“A river is a river, always there, and yet the water flowing through is never the same and is never still… Are people like that? Am I like that? Always me, always flowing, but always different? Do I change like a river? Sometimes eddying back on myself, sometimes bursting my banks from so much life…”

Summertime, a word with so much meaning. The sun is out, the sound of the river, tall tales of amazing adventure, a warm cooked meal seated with a bunch of friends, laughter and dancing, all of this is real. This summer like many others has had its far share of adventure and good times. I came somewhere new, Squamish, discovered new rivers and a beautiful part of the world and became a part of another amazing community. 

The refugee camp

Our Home for the summer. I find myself using the term “home or house” when I describe where I live, even though it is more of a camp than anything. There was about 11 full time people living at our camp as well as friends coming and going. Our family consisted of mostly international raft guides and a few other friends that work in Squamish. Australians, Kiwis, frenchies, Americans, and a few token Canadians made up our family. Over the summer we have contributed and been a part of daily dinner parties, wine nights, river days, working, concerts and many good memories. We share a tented camp kitchen area, tented living room, washrooms and our actual “house” may be a tent, a van or a homemade cabin. Thank you to the many who have been a part of refugee camp, we love you all.

The Rivers

My first month here I was on full kayak mode and chasing as many new rivers as possible. The actual first week I was here I think I paddled a new section of river each day and sometime 2 new sections a day. Ashlu box canyon, mine run, Elaho “Fear Canyon”, Callagan, Soo, Upper Cheakamus, all rivers that soon became classic summertime runs. With a slow first month of work, we rallied our crew down to Washington for a sweet week of American runs. The kayak charged lasted for a solid month or so while work was slowing pick up. Once we got into full time rafting work the kayaking slowed down a bit, but we always found time for a few Box laps a week, along with maybe a check or Callagan, then some big water fun on Fear Canyon.
This area of BC is a mecca for kayaking and outdoor sports. It has been great to have some amazing friends pass through town and also meet new paddlers from all over. It is crazy the amount of talented paddlers that are in the area, it is always good to see the sport of kayaking being pushed and enjoyed by people from all over the world.

Sometimes Life does not go as planned...
And your face hits a rock, more to this story later.


Ashlu Box Canyon
The crew

The Callagan

The Best Australian Paddlers??? Marlow and Riley

Upper Cheakumus, Thanks MJ for the photos
Jean Jean 
Entrance to Fear Canyon

Kern Crew, Evan, Johnny and myself Garibaldi lake
WIne Nights 

Bird Life

Dancing feels this good

BDay parties

Washington Road Trip
Photos by Andraz Krpic , the best Slovenian kayaker, no joke

Tumwater putin

Buddy boating with Riley

Andraz killing it

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GOOD Morning

The warm sun is coming over the mountains
A breathe of life comes in all forms
When I struggle to see tomorrow, I live for today
To close my eyes and look back on yesterday
I can see the progress and constant move forward
The unknown sometimes brings worry, but I try and focus on the positive
I wander this world, but I have a home
I wander but I have a family
I wander but I have a purpose
I can sit still for I know I am not alone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

South America

Peru crew Mirko, Evan, Santi, Me and Diego
Futa Viejo Argentina
Rio Blanco

Not much has been written in my blog, but and life has been quite the adventure. Traveling to South America was a blessing in so many ways. The photos and video are just a glimpse of the epic journey we took.

Journal entry May 23rd,

Three months in South America have past and I could not be any happier with the adventure we have lived. From Southern Patagonia to Peru, thousand of Kilometers of driving, new rivers, epic canyons, friends from all over, life could not be better. I am blessed with this freedom, with what the World has given me and the places I have been able to see. Tour De Suenos once again has been amazing.

Live each day to the fullest, embrace adventure, the unknown and be thankful for the beauty life gives.

Gracias por este viaje tan lindo, por los paisajes impresionantes, los rĂ­os maravillosos y los nuevos amigos que he conocido. La Buena Vida my friend, la Buena Vida.


Following Daniel down the Colca

Colca hike in

Upper Santa Teresa

Wake up early sit still and hear the sound

The music of nature fills your mind

Now matter where you go the world is kind

Open your eyes to the positive thoughts

Every new day is a blessing of some way

Reflection comes with time as does strength

For every step we take shapes our lives

To sit still and remember the good times

Give thanks because right now we have today